Final thoughts on the Lakers’ season

We’re done. A busy day of exit interview coverage is in the books, and I’m officially done covering the Los Angeles Lakers whirlwind regular season.

The season was almost as much of a whirlwind for me personally, which is why I wanted to take a few moments to thank a few people who made it possible for me to cover half of the Lakers home games, blog and podcast every day, help run the sports section at the Daily Titan and go to school while still making it to the end (relatively) sane.

Anthony Irwin, Drew Garrison and Seth Pollack: Without you guys and your willingness to work with and around my school/Daily Titan schedule this year, I never could have made all of this work. I’ll never forget how much you guys supported me and have taken chances on me — and let me take chances — time after time.

Special thanks to Anthony for picking up my slack at the site, and recording Locked on Lakers at all hours of the night. You are the best co-host I could ever ask for (and thanks to Dr. Jen for letting you help me out so much).

Hayley Slye and Bryant Freese: 

Hayley, you recruiting me to the Daily Titan is simultaneously the best and worst thing you’ve ever done for me. I’ll never get the sleep and free time I lost out on this year back, but working at the paper has made me so much better as a reporter, and your editing has made me a far better, more thorough and concise writer (despite the way this sentence has run on, and all the commas in it, making your eyes bleed).

Bryant, taking over Sports Desk with you has certainly kept us busy, but there are a select few people I’d always trust to have my back working together on a deadline, and after our New York news breaking experience I’m thrilled to say you’re one of them. You’re the best intern one of the best partners I’ve ever had in any endeavor.

Ben Rosales, Blake [last name redacted] and Dene Preston a.k.a SoCalGal: 

Thank you three for taking a chance on me all those years ago when I joined the blog, and for being nice about doing the brain surgery required to make my words publishable at that time. I’ll never forget how you got me started.

Eric Pincus, Mark Medina, Serena Winters, Shahan Ahmed, Ty Nowell and Joey Ramirez:

There are too many people on the Lakers beat to thank individually, but I’ll always appreciate Eric, Mark, Shahan and Ty for taking me under their wings from day one. From Shahan making sure I didn’t break rules by taking photos in the wrong places, to Mark for giving me editing tips and career guidance starting after my first game, to Ty making sure I knew where I was supposed to be and when (and giving me so many good Twitter avatar photos), I would have been lost without you guys.

Serena, you basically talked me out of quitting blogging last summer and I’ll always remember that. How much and how hard you work is both inspiring, and frankly a little scary (but in a good way).

Joey, you let me talk your ear off at D-Fenders games and are always happy to give me career advice, and I’ll always appreciate you for it.

The Lakers and D-Fenders staffs:

I don’t think you all want me to name you, but you definitely didn’t have to let a blogger with no college degree into two of the most in-demand buildings in pro sports, and I’ll always be grateful you did. Thank you for helping make my job so much easier and helping me grow along the way.

My family and friends:

Mom, Dad, I never could have made it through this year without all your support, both financially and emotionally. My schedule has been crazy so I feel like I barely see you, and I’ll always appreciate you understanding that.

Malcolm, Montgomery and Forrest, you guys are the best little brothers I could have. I’m so proud of who all of you are becoming and grateful you’re happy to talk to me when I’m free and understanding when I’m not.

Jethro, you can’t read this because you’re a dog, but you’re THE BEST dog. Good boy.

I’m not going to call out all my friends by name, but special thanks to Duncan and Emily for all your support and love this year. Watching the Bachelor with you guys (sadly) was the highlight of my week for a while, and I appreciate you two forcing me to have some semblance of a social life.

Anyone who has read anything I’ve written, listened to the podcast or followed me on Twitter:

You’re the real MVPs. I’d be talking to myself (or worse, just Anthony) without you.

Now that I’ve blathered on for quite a while finally, I’m proud to announce that I actually did like a few of the things all of your support allowed me to write about the Lakers’ this season. Yes, it was hard to find five.

Yes, it was hard to find five.

Here are my favorite pieces I wrote this year:

  1. Jordan Clarkson and the Lakers are ready to create their own magic
  2. David Nwaba is living his dream and trying to make a mark on the Lakers
  3. Ivica Zubac is determined to show he can help the Lakers this year, and beat his teammates in FIFA
  4. Brandon Ingram’s finishing at the rim has shown the Lakers they have something special
  5. The Lakers’ Energizer Bunnies are becoming a devastating bench unit

Thanks again, everyone.




One thought on “Final thoughts on the Lakers’ season

  1. ESPN commercial would have been better if Kobe would have eventually changed his olive count to (5) and then saying, “Jalen will have a martini as well, but no olives…”


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